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Hi, amazing hackers welcome back to another interesting blog on RustScan.

Rust Scan is a port scanner used in the modern-day which has the ability to scan targets in quick time.

Rust Scan is extended to Rust Scripting Engine. Rust Scan supports programming languages such as Perl, Python, Shell, and any programming languages.

Rust Scan Scripting Engine can be modified by “— script” arguments.

Three possible arguments used for this are

None, Custom and Default.

What is the scripting file config called?

Ans : rustscan_scripts.toml

Can you run other binaries with RustScan? (T)rue / (F)alse.

Ans: T

Does RutScan support scripts in Javascript? (T)rue / (F)alse.

Ans: F

Rust Scan is adaptive which is modified based on the environment.

After scanning this, how many ports do we find open under 1000?

Ans: 2

Perform a service version detection scan, what is the version of the software running on port 22?

Ans : 6.6.1p1

Perform an aggressive scan, what flag isn’t set under the results for port 80?

Ans: httponly

First, how do you access the help menu?

Ans: -h

Often referred to as “quiet” mode, What switch can do this?

Ans : -q

Which switch can help us to scan for a particular Range?

Ans : -r

What switch would you use to find out RustScan’s version?

Ans: -v

Which switch will help us to select batch size?

Ans : -b

Which switch can set timeout?

Ans : -t



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