TryHackme Learn and win prizes #2

TryHackme provides amazing cybersecurity contents day by day you can learn and practice more to enrich the skills. It gives anyone who is interested to enter cybersecurity it is a right platform and you can more updates and success stories of those who succeed in this field. Your learning path gives more knowledge in cybersecurity and cracks any interviews and more specific you can practice skills by workout on labs which they provide.

Then fellow hackers or who are new to cybersecurity I hope can use it in the right manner and make the environment secure. Then another interesting one is the TryHackme pro feature in which you have to pay 10$ per month and annually 7.50$ per month. Accessing pro features shapes you great in cybersecurity so don’t miss it

Now TryHackme has released a new path Jr. Jr Penetration Tester learning path make a try to solve this path and win exclusive prizes before 27th October. Links are and

junior penetration path:

You will get $7000 worth of prizes

Pentester Title
1 Day Streak Freeze

£3 Swag Voucher
0/350 Claimed

10% Swag Discount
0/50 Claimed7 Day Streak Freeze
1 Month THM Voucher
Worth $10
0/30 Claimed£20 Swag Voucher
0/20 ClaimedThrowback Voucher
Worth $60
0/15 Claimed

eJPT Voucher
Worth $200

3 Month THM Voucher
Worth $30
0/12 Claimed
HAK5 WiFi Pineapple
Worth $100
0/2 ClaimedOSCP Voucher
Worth $1000 Each
0/2 Claimed

Try to solve fun challenges and grab prizes thank you.



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Mukilan Baskaran

Mukilan Baskaran

CTF player | Cyber Security Enthusiast