Mindset Of BugBounty

In this blog, I'm going to discuss the proper mindset for learning new technologies and approaching new bug bounty testing.

Firstly train your mind to learn or explore new things that strengthen your positive mindset. Acceptance will take you away from ego clash and negative mindset and make focus on how to improve yourselves and reach your destination or goal. One common mistake you doing in your life making your mind too low. Mind is a powerful weapon the matter is where to throw it to achieve destiny. The way you think positively there your success.

Think differently from the usual thinking just like 1% of people.

We faced struggles in learning hacking stuff and bug-bounty learning because of our mindset. 99% of our thoughts wander in the past and future and we missed life in the present moment.

To live in the present moment you to love each live minute and listen only to the present. Instead of focussing on either past or future thoughts think in present. If past or future thoughts come by unfortunate not an issue.

For example, if there is a thought came you will not achieve life just listen and don’t react to that thought it would pass away you.

One way to achieve a positive mindset is by spreading the love for each and every creature in the world irrespective of what they show you. If they show you more hatred towards you leaving away from them is the best way for self-happiness or if you have the bravery to face others you will do your best for others.

Making a habit of helping tendency will improve your wisdom. Love and helping habits make your mental clarity. If your Mind is clear you will attract both health and wealth.

Reading books also shape your mental clarity it would give you the dimension of knowledge. In case you would not able to buy each and every individual book try to listen to audiobooks. I paid an annual subscription to Kuku FM to listen to the audiobooks which make me think like this.

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Mukilan Baskaran

Mukilan Baskaran

CTF player | Cyber Security Enthusiast