Introductory Networking (The Osi Model Overview)

Hi, amazing hacker today in this blog I am gonna show you the networking introduction part in TryHackme without wasting time let's dive into the article.

The OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) Model is a standardized model that we use to demonstrate computer networking theory. In practice, real-world networking is based on the much more compact TCP/IP model; however, the OSI model is easier to get an initial understanding from.

The OSI model is made up of seven layers:

  1. Application
  2. Presentation
  3. Session
  4. Transport
  5. Network
  6. Datalink
  7. Physical

Which layer would choose to send data over TCP or UDP?

Ans: 4

Which layer checks received packets to make sure that they haven’t been corrupted?

Ans: 2

In which layer would data be formatted in preparation for transmission?

Ans: 1

Which layer encrypts, compresses, or otherwise transforms the initial data to give it a standardised format?

Ans: 6

Which layer tracks communications between the host and receiving computers?

Ans: 5

Which layer accepts communication requests from applications?

Ans: 7

Which layer handles logical addressing?

Ans: 3

When sending data over TCP, what would you call the “bite-sized” pieces of data?

Ans: Segments

[Research] Which layer would the FTP protocol communicate with?

Ans: 7

Which transport layer protocol would be best suited to transmit a live video?

Ans: UDP



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